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Our company’s expertise covers nondestructive tests and evaluation of steel constructions’ technical condition. We are trusted by a number of companies from the offshore, petrochemical, energy, gas and shipbuilding industries. We are also very proud of the professional evaluations we provide to our partners from the telecommunication, building, and road construction markets. As a reliable business partner, we pay attention to deliver services of the highest quality, as well as looking for ways to improve our offer to meet your requirements.


Our crew comprises of highly qualified specialists who possess mandatory certificates of the 2nd and 3rd level issued by TÜV, the Office of Technical Inspection (UDT) and the Welding Institute in compliance with ISO 9712 standards. Hand in hand with the correct employees’ competences we use the highest quality equipment. No matter the conditions or object we are ready to meet your request for measurements (we hold IRATA and SPRAT certifications for work with rope access). We are there when you need us, providing 24/7 availability, carrying out the assigned tasks in compliance with the health and safety standards (ISO 18001) and with attention to the environmental safety rules (ISO 14001).


It is our mission to deliver value-added services to our customers with the highest level of quality, in pursuance of the health and safety principles. We take great consideration for the environment, by working in accordance with the safety norms. We don’t stand still, always improving our skills and work level.


Supervision and technical review of vessels

Every vessel is subject to regular technical reviews. One of the inspection methods is Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement (UTM) of the hull. Our staff are qualified to conduct such tests in compliance with the standards of Classification Societies and IACS.

We provide following types of survey:

  • Ship class renewal survey,
  • CAP & CAS survey,
  • Intermediate, annual and class entry survey,
  • Visual inspection of the paint coatings,
  • Steel estimation and dry dock preparation (repair specification),
  • Evaluation of LPG tanks, LNG tanks and other equipment,
  • Flap tightness inspection for the Classification Societies and insurance companies.

During the measurements we use non-sparking equipment (EX) of the highest class, which allows us to conduct the survey without removing the paint coatings. If required, we use rope access – our inspectors have IRATA/SPRAT certificates. The inspections can be conducted all over the world and in any conditions. We set a tailor-made schedule for each survey. Every project is conducted in compliance with the health and safety standards (ISO 18001) and with attention to the environmental safety principles (ISO 14001).

Surveys are carried out in compliance with the IACS standards and standards of the Classification Societies: ABS, BV, DNVGL, LR, RINA, ClassNK, KR, PRS.



Technical consulting, evaluation, assessment of technical condition

The nondestructive testing we provide allows us to check the general condition of the object and eliminate any material discontinuity, evaluate its features and operational ability. The procedure of NDT-inspection doesn’t affect the features and condition of the tested object. The surveys assure safe operations, prevent potential human and material loss, as well as environmental disasters.

Within NDT we provide:

  • Laboratory supervision,
  • Interpretation of standards and regulations,
  • Development of research procedures,
  • Development of a research plan (projects, concepts, technologies),
  • Operation capacity documentation,
  • Radiation protection services.

We use the highest quality equipment. If required, we use rope access – our inspectors have IRATA/SPRAT certificates.

Depending on the requirements, the inspections are provided in compliance with the standards of ISO, API, ASME, ASTM, BS, DIN, EEMUA, NORSOK, health and safety standards (ISO 18001), as well as in accordance with the environment protection principles (ISO 14001).

  • Ultrasonic Testing UT, SWUT, UT-scan
  • Ultrasonic Thickness Measurements UTM
  • Advanced Ultrasonic Testing Techniques PAUT, TOFD
  • Radiographic Testing with X-ray and gamma rays (Selenium-75, Iridium-192)
  • Visual Inspection VT, Videoendoscopy VTe
  • Magnetic Particle Testing/Inspection MPI 
  • Liquid Penetrant Testing PT
  • Liquid Penetration Tightness Measurements  PT
  • Bubble Testing BL/LT
  • Ultrasonic Tightness Measurements ULT
  • Positive Material Identification PMI
  • Eddi Current ET
  • Ferrite Content Measurement FT
  • Hardness Testing HT
  • SCAR (Small Controlled Area Radiography)
  • Holiday Testing
  • Digitalization of Radiographs 
  • Fulfilling the Duties of Nuclear Safety Inspector 

Rope Access

Reaching the inaccessible - work with advanced rope access techniques (alpinist methods)

Applying rope access methods allows us to execute the project when the access seems to be too complicated or impossible. Being qualified to work with alpinist methods we have conducted inspections on the most inaccessible places of oil rigs, radio masts, wind turbines, bridges and vessels.

Our inspectors have IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association) and SPRAT (Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians) certificates and are wholly trained to work with rope access. The acquired skills allow them to carry out the inspection without setting up the scaffolding equipment, which significantly saves time and lowers the costs of the service. Every project we conduct, is in compliance with safety standards of IRATA and SPRAT. The equipment that is used by our inspectors is systematically verified by external authorities. Our differentiator is a high attention to detail and precision.


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